Doctor dating patient

They tell tales of being rushed out of the office by harried doctors who miss crucial diagnoses, never look up from their computers during an exam, make errors in prescriptions, and just plain don’t listen to their patients.Studies show a steep decline over the last three decades in patients’ sense of satisfaction and the feeling their doctors are providing high-quality care.

“When you have only 15 minutes per patient, then there are home visits and hospital visits, you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel,” says Bodenheimer.Anyone who is old enough to have watched Marcus Welby, M.D., the program about an avuncular doctor that was the most popular show on television in the 1960s, probably remembers his or her own family doctor with at least a measure of fondness. They knew when our kids were born, how we felt about our jobs and our spouses, and whether or not we tended toward stoicism or malingering in the face of illness and pain.In another study that taped 34 physicians during more than 300 visits with patients, the doctors spent on average 1.3 minutes conveying crucial information about the patient’s condition and treatment, and most of the information they provided was far too technical for the average patient to grasp; disconcertingly, those same doctors thought they had spent more than eight minutes.In another study, three out of four doctors failed to give clear instructions on how to take medication.

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