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As you can hear, in the room at the Dolby Theater, Novak’s presence was at least accorded the respect of polite applause.Outside of the room, on the internet, Novak’s appearance instigated an explosion of the outrage machine.It was a personality and identity split with which Novak was quite familiar. But nobody cared much about when it was first released in 1958, and Novak’s star started fading soon thereafter.

When they had blown the 0 they had each saved seductively opening iceboxes, then they could go back to frozen Chicago.So right from the start, she had to become someone different in order to stand out on her own.Cohn wanted to transform Marilyn Novak into someone called Kit Marlowe; the actress’ first act of defiance was to resist this, to insist on keeping her family name and to refuse to take on a first name meant to evoke a kitten.She’d often hide in her trailer, paralyzed by the fear that her hair and makeup weren’t quite right or ready.It didn’t help matters that Harry Cohn controlled his property —i.e.: his stars — through threats, frequently reminding his on-camera chattel that he made them, and he could break them.

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