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And Sean "Diddy" Combs played it cool about pirating his new mixtape ("You can just rip it …you know how shit goes out here, I'm not going to try to get you to buy it") after quibbling on speaker-phone with Zach Galifianakis."It's intentionally bizarre and sometimes antagonistic," Gethard admits., all 10 seasons of which are available to stream now.As the former E4 and Comedy Central mainstay finds its new home on the streaming service, here are 11 amazing wacky theories about the show to mull over while re-watching..00 - Sold Out Airwolf interviews an audience volunteer about their hellish tales of crazy roommates, weird neighbors, and other outrageous living situations and spins it into a fast, funny and fully improvised show..00 - Sold Out Aug 17, 2017 IFC announced a development slate for the 2018 season including three projects from UCB alumni. Because when Gethard is lying flat on his back in the ring, with the odds stacked against him, viewers keep tuning in because they know it will be unique, off-the-cuff, real — and very, very funny.Donald Trump explained his stance on gay marriage like this:"It's like in golf.

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Within seconds, the grappler has Gethard in the air, whirling clockwise, before slamming his body down like a slab of clay on a wheel.

I'd rather let the audience watch us bomb than to a light up a sign to tell you when to laugh."When Combs made his second Gethard appearance this season (entering through the "Diddy door"), Gethard asked Combs about his underground past, specifically the weekly parties he threw in Washington, D. in the late Eighties before his career took off."How do I make this show more successful, Diddy? "The way you approach life and humor is the new way," said Combs.

"You’re talking about shit I don't even know what the fuck you're talking about.

So trust me, it's going to spread." The man known as Diddy may be on to something: Gethard's TV audience increased 16 percent and his digital audience by 600 percent since his first season ended in 2014, according to Fusion, and the initial seven episodes of Season Two have nearly seven million views on You Tube and Facebook.

The formula-free live experiment may have unwittingly created the mold for the future of digital television, or at least, underscored how important a willingness to try anything is.

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