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First, its goal is not the development of, or adherence to, a code or set of precepts, but a better understanding of the issues.Second, it is prepared to ask deep philosophical questions about the nature of ethics, the value of life, what it is to be a person, the significance of being human. In part, this is the result of new and sometimes revolutionary developments in the biomedical sciences and in clinical medicine. A historical introduction Since the 1960s ethical problems in health care and the biomedical sciences have gripped the public consciousness in unprecedented ways.It is to bioethics in this latter sense that the present volume forms a .Although the term itself is new, and the prominence of bioethics owes much to recent developments in the biomedical sciences, bioethics can also be seen as a modern version of a much older field of thought, namely medical ethics.The development of modern contraceptives, prenatal testing and the availability of safe abortions have given women and couples increased choices about the number and kinds of children they are going to have.

Traditionally, medical ethics has focused primarily on the doctor-patient relationship and on the virtues possessed by the good doctor.One of these medical schools, on the island of Cos, was headed by the physician Hippocrates.The Hippocratic School produced a large body of writings on medicine, science and ethics.Third, it embraces issues of public policy and the direction and control of science.In all these senses, bioethics is a novel and distinct field of inquiry.

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