Error crashed while validating asset

There are a lot of these but Heimdal has out of the box support for both Sentry and Bugsnag.The remainder of this article will show you how to integrate your exception handler with Sentry. In Heimdal all reporters responses are added to an array which is the passed to all formatters.The current Sentry implementation is larger because it adds some options straight out of the box.However, the above would be a perfectly valid integration.In such cases when they try to perform the action we will display a modal saying "You do not have access to viewing this customer's orders" or similar.To actually know what the user is not allowed to do we have to get the missing permissions from the request.So maybe, if this was an employee with limited access he can request access from someone who can give it to him.

When we are in a production environment we do not wish to display this kind of information to the user so we just return a special Heimdal configuration key More often than not you want to send your exceptions to an external tracker service for better overview, handling etc.Finding the error that an user claims have happened has never been easier. Alright, so basically what we are trying to achieve is to create a new internal server error formatter, since we probably only want to log internal server errors to Sentry.The ID of the exception in Sentry can be found in the reporter responses array, so we just extend the base exception formatter to include this ID. And we can find the exception by searching for the ID in Sentry.The rest of this guide will assume you have installed it.PRO tip: My Laravel API fork already comes with Heimdal installed.

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