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The server will automatically find and backup the new clients. Executing the python executable on the client automatically creates a new internet client on the server, downloads a custom client and runs the installer.

You could also add the silent install switch (“/S”) when starting the downloaded installer such that it needs no user intervention.

If you plan on using the client in the same local network as the server, or the client is in your local network during setup time: Ur Backup is divided into a server and a client software part.

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If server and clients are in the same subnet the server will automatically discover the clients and then start backing them up (for details see section 5).

The server also starts a channel on which the clients can request the server to start a backup or to update the client specific settings.

The server is organized into a core part and an interface. The web interface is accessible via Fast CGI (on port 55413) and HTTP (on port 55414). The server core part consists of several threads with different tasks.

Add the MSI client installer as group policy to the domain controller.

Alternatively you can use the NSIS (.exe) installer with the switch “/S” to do a silent install and use something like “psexec”.

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