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ANime comes in many styles and genres, just like standard movies.You have action, adventure, romance, and of course, pornography.As the only unique fairy in the entire realm of Japanese Manga culture, Akilina can't wait to go on vacation to her suite in the sky just above the forest canopy. This lovely Japanese bride loves the color red, that's why the shogun's son has built an entire pagoda palace for his lovely young wife. And I just love the way this Kokeshi doll is designed!

Geisha, these traditional Japanese entertainers are known for their beauty and talent in the arts of music, dance and games.

Spring rolls, sushi, rice and all your favorite Japanese inspired foods are here!

Help prepare and serve your hungry customer friends to keep them happy in this extreme cooking and service spectacu...

*Hem, hem* Anime is a type of highly popular cartooning used in Japan.

It usually involves bright colors and certain exaggerated features, such as large eyes, thin waists, bizzare hair, and large breasts.

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