Feeling bitter about dating

I’ll be the first one to tell you that the dating scene — and even actively trying to find love — is extremely toxic and will make you crazy. Society subtly (and not so subtly) tells us we need to find a partner.

Most of us do want a partner to love and want to have a loving husband or wife to come home to, too.

It’s not that unreasonable-sounding a demand until you see the absolutely despicable behavior of others in the dating scene.

Like, we’re supposed to find a partner when it seems like 90 percent of people lack any interest, effort, or decency? Men often have a need to feel like the big shot in the room.

Writing your angry posts online about the injustices of the world definitely is not helping you put your P in a V.

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I got rejected a lot, I was lonely, and this frustration came out in the form of “women are all bitches, and only date losers.” I played more and more videogames, and interacted less and less with women, in order to distance myself from the pain.

I’m going to give you a piece of advice right now that is core to my beliefs when it comes to dating: being angry at women isn’t going to get you shit.

There’s a whole movement out there of men who are angry and bitter with women.

It was around this period that I started to play really competitive Tekken.

I played every day, watched match videos, practiced combos, and attended tournaments.

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