Flirt sucking bed dating

Scientists already knew some bats had tiny, hair-like structures on their tongues, but Harper and her colleagues discovered something else—something bizarre.

“When we looked closer, we saw sinuses on the side of the tongue that basically fill up with blood,” Harper told me.

Like hummingbirds, these bats can hover and use their long tongues to reach a flower’s nectar.

), to understand how they retrieve nectar so efficiently.

This isn’t quite the right visual to win over the masses, but even grisly altruism is pretty cool. They lap it up with their tongues, like a cat drinks.” So instead of getting freaked out by an animal that goes for the jugular, just imagine vampire bats as kittens gathered around a bowl of milk.

You know, if those kittens’ saliva contained an anti-clotting compound called Draculin and their tongues had two specially adapted ducts for gathering blood.

However, both fellatio and cunnilingus have been observed in fruit bats—before, during, and after the main event.

Scientists don’t know if oral sex provides stimulation, lubrication, or sanitation. (OK, know it may feel good, but who’s to say how much sensitivity bats have in their hoo-has?

The active phase comes first and is sort of like spring break. However, some males have devised a way to overcome this selective power.Vampire bats aren’t the only ones with specialized lickers.Some bats eschew both blood and bug and go directly for the sweet stuff.Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.For much of recorded human history, bats have gotten a bad rap as witches, vampires, and agents of the devil.

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