Fort students learn about dating violence Totally free chat sites free chat rooms

Teen dating violence usually occurs between the ages of 13-19 years old.

Abusive teenage relationships differ greatly from adult ones in a variety of ways: Adolescent girls usually do not depend on their partner for financial support and do not typically have children.

In addition, prevention should address all types of influences on youth violence: individual, relationship, community, and society.

Effective prevention strategies are necessary to promote awareness about youth violence and to foster the commitment to social change.

Students observe real life bullying situations and positive role modeling.

It also introduces students to the use of electronic communication and the growing prevalence of cyberbullying.

Uploading embarrassing videos to popular video and social media/networking sites seems to be one of the favorite methods used by the majority of cyberbullies.

It’s all about videos, images, being socially active and texting. Our actors will stop in the middle of a scene and ask them what they think should happen, then the actors will continue showing the outcome of what is suggested by the audience always backed up by an additional scene of what the proper response should have been.

Physical bullying is hurting someones body or possessions.

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using all types of electronic technology.

In order to make any kind of impact with school aged kids and teens about important social issues, you need to hit them where they live. Many victims and perpetrators seek guidance and help after viewing one or more of our programs. Audience Age: Grades 1-5 Audience Size: Max 300 All Starz is a fun, highly interactive show that gets kids talking about bullying.

It bridges the gap to tough subjects like respecting boundaries, empathy, and excluding people based on differences.

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