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Here’s to a season (no, let’s make that a year) of fear-less, delicious pie baking!With the right technique, making pie dough—either regular or gluten-free—is easier than any cake or brownie batter.You want to add just enough water so that the dough sticks together when pinched—it should still look shaggy and a bit floury. Here’s the play-by-play: The dough can be refrigerated for a couple days or frozen for several months (few things in life give me more joy than discovering I have a disk of pie dough hiding in the freezer).You can use it in any pie or tart recipe (sweet or savory), including this salted butter apple galette from Bon Appetit, which I made last week, and which is AMAZING.

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Finally I hit the nail on the head when experimenting with Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour, 3 lb Cup 4 Cup flour a few years ago (don’t worry, this is not a paid endorsement! Cup 4 Cup was developed by one of the chefs in Thomas Keller’s French Laundry kitchen, so I had high hopes.

I did a one-to-one swap of Cup 4 Cup for the white flour in my classic pie dough, and the result was as just as good as the stuff of my memories. I literally danced in my kitchen that day (admittedly, that’s not uncommon), and I haven’t stopped pie baking since.

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