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Luckily the plot places the warlocks on the swim team so we get several scenes of each guy in sexy speedos.

The script just doesn’t allow enough time to develop it with everything else going on and certainly contains no stellar dialogue to explain why they fall for each other so hard and so quick.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that his eyes kind of twinkle when he smiles.

: Caleb’s car having a head-on collision with a truck transporting logs. I noticed several instances of background extras, secondary characters, and even main characters acting in ways that real people would not, simply to serve the plot.

Strategically placed fog keeps us from seeing ‘the goods’ but the entire scene still feels deliciously homoerotic.

: Both Laura Ramsey & Jessica Lucas spend a ridiculous amount of air time walking around in skimpy nighties, revealing sleepwear, and tiny undies.

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