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There was something incredibly arousing in being fucked without having any idea of who was sticking it to me. Simultaneously enjoying the pleasure of trying to bring him off whilst the boy behind me, whoever he was, just kept on fucking me.

Soon I felt the stranger behind me spasm and I had another load of cum dumped inside me.

I want to tell you about how I became who I am today. I picked up a shirt from the deck chair and went inside. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom, but it had been a long time so I went to make sure he was all right.

I never intended for things to turn out this way but it's too late to change now. I still feel like the events of that Saturday night happened to someone else. He wasn't in the bathroom, but I needed to go, so I locked the door. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of Josh's voice through the wall! Josh and some other guys were tag-teaming one of the girls.

I was supposed to be staying at a girlfriend's house that night, so I wasn't expected home until Sunday afternoon. Just about every teenager in town must have been there. I got out of the pool, despite the protests from the boys, and went looking for him.

I was still living at home but my parents weren't very strict. Eventually I realised Josh had been gone a long time.

Then one of them called my name and I saw that he was waving my bra in the air from the centre of the pool. It just turned into a game with the boys tossing my bra around and me chasing them. He was much taller than me so I couldn't reach but he was enjoying my bare breasts rubbing up against him as I tried to reach high enough.

One of the other guys did the same thing with my jeans. I was pissed off at first but eventually my mood changed and I started to laugh along with them. Whenever my arms were outstretched, reaching for my bra, the other guys would grab my tits or stick their hands between my legs.

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This was mostly my regular social crowd with a few boys from nearby schools that I didn't know. Most of the other girls there were with their boyfriends, so I was getting lots of attention from the boys who weren't attached. I really had the hots for Josh so I agreed but I kept my panties on. At one point he had me up against the wall of the pool, kissing me and squeezing my tits, below the waterline.

His parents were away and there was a party on at his place. The other boys started gathering round but I had made my decision so it was just a bit of harmless flirting. One of them even tried to finger me but I wriggled away. I had hands going everywhere and only two hands to stop them but It was still just harmless playing around.

I was getting fingered right there, with about seven other boys in the pool with us. A little while later, Josh got out of the pool to go and get us both a drink. Most of them were using that as an excuse to cop a feel.

They had me pinned against the wall and were getting serious. I was getting really hot with these two feeling me up and taking turns fingering me.

One of them was always kissing me, while their hands were all over me and then one of them started fingering me. I kind of forgot about all the other guys in the pool.

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