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Thus, the coordination is already taken care of And for another thing, typing is a superior form of communication in DDO When you say something in voice chat, it may not even be heard due to dysfunctional speakers, dysfunctional microphones, or lag.To further compound the problem, there are people who go AFK and will not hear what you said.This is a real problem because 1) almost nobody has perfect intonation and speaks perfectly clearly and 2) DDO’s voice chat muddles up a lot of words and can blur what you’re saying, even if you speak precisely and clearly.There are simply too many things which can go wrong, and they almost inevitably do, forcing you to repeat what you have said.The hottest amateurs on the planet exclusively for you!Sweet Chiara – Mega Pack (MDH)Mydirtyhobby is the world’s biggest community for private erotica made at home.In this case, it would’ve been faster There’s also no content in the game which necessitates voice chat I used to be of the opinion that, okay, sure, maybe raids and some of the tougher content in the game may require more coordination, and so voice chat may be useful.But I’ve come to believe that this isn’t the soundest of reasoning.

Sometimes when you have it enabled, your microphone will randomly go on without you having prompted it to.Occasionally, there will be some idiots in my party who expect everyone to have voice chat enabled, and don’t even check to see whether the rest of the party can actually hear them. See that nice, green, speaker-shaped icon that is either present or absent from your party icon?If you didn’t know what it does, then now you have no excuse for not knowing.That icon indicates whether the party member in question has voice chat enabled.If the green icon is absent, then there’s zero chance whatsoever that the person can hear what you are saying (unless, of course, you know that person in real life and are actually playing in the same room as one another).

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