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So while banks probably don’t look at your credit history if they use Chex Systems, if they don’t use Chex Systems, there is a pretty decent chance they may look at your credit history instead.And if your score is bad, you may be denied opening a new account.I try to cover your realistic options in this article and give some detailed guidance on how to achieve success.But, please do leave your comments on this article and share your success or failures for OTHER people to read up on. So if you want to read a five thousand word post on what your banking options are, grab a cup of coffee and sit down because here we go…Now the question you probably want to know is “how to open a bank account without chexsystems.”The answer is a rather long one. The choice comes down to this: Anyone else that tells you there is some magical solution to getting a no chexsystems bank account is flat out lying.

Or maybe you get lucky and the bank does not look at ANY of these at all.However, a week after she cashed it, she was told the check bounced — her grandfather had withdraw money from his account which meant there was not enough money to cover the check withdrawal.The girl had already used the money and could not instantly repay the bank the negative deficit; as a result, the bank then closed down her bank accoun and her name was added to Chex Systems because of suspected fraud.Here is one scary example of someone who, by no fault of their own, ended up with a Chex Systems record and banned from opening a new bank account: I had one girl email me and tell me she cashed a check from her grandfather.Both her bank and her grandfather’s bank’s tellers called each other and verified it was a legit check, so the check was cashed by the bank.

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