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When Hooli Nucleus fails to carry 4K video at a pay-per-view event, Pied Piper tries to generate publicity by live streaming a stunt for an energy drink company, Homicide.

Despite a promising rollout, Erlich's past with the Homicide CEO, and issues with the stunt driver complicate matters and Pied Piper ends up quitting the job and instead live-streaming video of an unhatched condor egg.

Richard rejects outright claiming that he doesn't want his compression algorithm to become the property of the heartless Hooli corporation.

Belson insists the lawsuit will bankrupt Pied Piper and that Richard should get something out of his company while still possible.

In the immediate aftermath of their Tech Crunch Disrupt victory, multiple venture capital firms offer to finance Pied Piper's Series A round.

Richard offers Bream the same 20% equity but at a million valuation.

The team rushes to produce a feature-rich cloud storage platform based on their compression technology.

At the Tech Crunch event, Bachman takes the lead in a dramatic onstage presentation of Pied Piper.

Pied Piper cannot afford the attorney's retainer to defend the lawsuit.

Belson then offers to buy out Pied Piper at a higher valuation than the initial million offer.

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