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The usual times when young adults are learning how to couple, date, and sort out their feelings about sex and sexual activity occurs in mid to late teens and early adulthood; in high school and perhaps college.

Because GLBT youth are often hidden and/or just beginning to come to terms with their own identity their learning curve in the dating department is delayed and often put off to later, producing a disadvantage regarding acquired dating skills.

The increasing presence of Gay/Straight Alliances and Cultural Diversity Groups on high school campuses has the potential to normalize the presence of GLBT youth in high schools and ultimately reduce the pressure to hide and be invisible.

In that atmosphere GLBT youth dating is more possible.

The lesbian joke is, “She came to the first date with a U-Haul!

” Women in the general culture are also more stigmatized for being uncoupled and hence are more burdened by pressure to couple.

Even male language, top/bottom, dominant/submissive, etc., is indicative of classic male role-playing behavior.

The social, cultural, legal and sometimes familial supports for our relationships are at best lacking or weak and at worst destructive.Along with special challenges GLBT individuals can and do bring unique resources to their relationships.Growing up marginalized and figuring out how to cope and adapt to often non-supportive environments can result in creative flexibility and adaptability in the personality.In women’s relationships these factors can make managing differences and tolerating conflict more difficult.So for women allowing for and not being threatened by the I/me issues as the couple moves from the we/us stage to the me/you/us/we stage of relationship can be taxing.

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