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Jordan Wirsz runs Savant Investment Partners in Las Vegas.He’s also the author of the 2012 self-help book “Become Incredible” and the 2007 “Maverick Millionaire.” In 2008, though, he was the subject of an Arizona Corporation Commission enforcement action: Diamond Bay Investments, Inc.Booth was also the host of several Channel 4 and satellite television shows.She co-presented and co-wrote video game review show Bits for two years.(I have seen that happen on some occasions, though my sense is that Google has recently become very careful about such matters.) There’s more here, by the way: Some of the other URLs in the default judgment (and the takedown request) were copies of various documents in this very case, such as an earlier court order granting a preliminary injunction against “Robert,” which were uploaded to Scribd by Rip Off Report.Rip Off Report of course has every right to upload court orders, and even if the court orders repeat libelous statements (in the process of discussing the statements or ordering the defendant to take down the statements), any such reproduction is categorically privileged from a libel lawsuit.

All of the Arizona investors have received the return of their principal and interest.

Due to a default by the borrower, a limited number of investors have received title to the underlying property and will receive their pro rata share from the sale of the property.

Might not be such a big deal, but still a finding of improper behavior, which remains referenced on three Arizona Corporation Commission pages.

and its company director, Jonathan Jordan Wirsz of Nevada, …

agreed to pay a ,000 administrative penalty for promoting an unregistered investment program involving first trust deeds.

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