Graduate assistanceship and dating and ethics

These risks are increased significantly if the relationship is romantic.

Indeed, romantic involvement invites accusations of harassment.

Your students value your attention, and you can be a good mentor if your interactions are centered on the course material.

There are times when students will have personal problems they want to discuss with you.

For example, if you are having your students solve a problem, you should show them how someone in your field does so.

Contact your department chair or faculty advisor if you have a parent who continues to ask for information regarding student performance. Since peer review is standard practice in scholarly work, you might want to have your students assess each other’s performance.In order to model appropriate professional relations, explain to any student who inappropriately derides teaching assistants, peers, and professors in your presence that this sort of criticism is not in keeping with the ideals of the scholarly community. Don’t ask students to reveal intimate details of their lives or sensitive demographic information about themselves to you or to their classmates.Even though you may feel an affinity toward one or all of your students, this should not lead to friendships with students during the period in which the class is ongoing.If you develop friendships with particular students, you may be perceived as playing favorites and may have difficulty assessing your friends’ academic performances.

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