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Alright so, we’ve been pretty gone for the past…….. Download Dreamchasers 2 For my final post of the year, I’d like to share with you my most listened to albums from the past two years.

First, we want to give you some new MMG shit(if you haven’t already downloaded it from datpiff to help crash the servers.) That Rozay dubbed “Philadelphia Millionaire” Meek gives you the second installment of the Dreamchasers series, perfect time to start building buzz for his Dreams and Nightmares album coming in August.

Doesn’t hurt that Common doesn’t hit the repeat button on himself this time around and listen to to understand what I mean. One of my earliest beefs with Wale was his lack of enthusiasm behind the mic. Wale’s own verses were pretty short and if it keeps going like this with straight flashing his “wealth” in front of me, I’ll get bored pretty soon. I’m just wondering if that bitch will pop up to say “Maybach Music” again. It’s not like Wayne telling you point blank how much he wants to suck your pussy and such. While the numerous turns into R&B territory late in the proceedings may be kind of boring on repeated listens, the album is stellar elsewhere. Focused This song can rot in an abandoned disco-tech. Sabotage I literally spent the first listen wondering when the real drums were gonna kick in. I’d probably like this song if the overall backing were……? If Drake could avoid filling in the blanks with overwrought melancholy pieces that tend to drag the mood down, he’d have classics on his hands. D., the return of the word “bitch” and little flourishes of the past made this album pretty fuckig good. Miami Nights You know what’s not helping me like any of this shit? Who the hell let the DJ do drops on this fucking album!? More stunting is in store for the listener and if you’re not rich, most of the shit he’s talking about will fly over your head, like myself. Legendary While the 1st verse is just babble, the second verse airs some shit out! Besides Sean, the choices in production were pretty fucking top notch and excellent execution even made songs like “Marvin & Chardonnay” enjoyable for my ears. While it starts off slow, the album grows on you by pairing competent artists with competent beats instead of the norm where you get shitty rappers on stellar beats or shitty rappers on shitty beats. Last Words: This album started off impressively with Best Kept Secret caliber instrumentals and a rejuvenated Wale with a seemingly more varied style, but it all fell apart in the mid-section and I saw this fake moon landing for just what it was. It couldn’t have been a simple switch in backing to make such a travesty.I don’t mean to downplay or dick ride this particular collection of music because for what it’s worth, it just does it’s job to keep you rocking your noggin for an extended period of time. As I said, I was optimistic about his flow until he started recycling it entirely and seemed to quit putting effort into the choruses/hooks of the songs.

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