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Model 1 considers a plant in which pollen and ovule production and pollination take place early in the reproductive season, followed by a period of seed and fruit maturation.

We show that when differential timing of sex function translates into differences in the resource pools available to pollen and seed, hermaphroditism is indeed the optimal breeding system in that it is evolutionarily stable to invasion by individuals of a single sex.

In most animals, snails included, sperm is plentiful, cheap to produce, and fun to unload.

So one presumes that both copulating snails are eager to get that part done.

This could produce feelings of frustration, confusion, and even unfairness in the other. Eighty percent of the plant kingdom produces both seeds (pollen) and eggs (ovules) and can give or receive, making them hermaphroditic.

“In hermaphrodites,” writes Haskell, “mating becomes fraught, with each individual being cautious about receiving sperm while simultaneously trying to inseminate its partner.” Sexually speaking, two snails with four minds—a foursome in a twosome—makes for complex fornication. They’ve learned that when the weather gets wet or cold, bees can’t be depended upon to buzz by and pollinate, so they have a we-can-do-this-ourselves backup plan.

(1976) suggested that hermaphroditism would be favored over dioecy when reproduction through pollen and seed occurred at different times during a season or required different resources, because an hermaphrodite could make use of resources not available to an individual of a single sex.

But, writes Stanford biology professor Joan Roughgarden in her book , if you subtract insects, which make up more than 75 percent of the animal kingdom and are not hermaphrodites, we are left, she calculates, “ …Eggs, on the other hand, are limited and hard to produce—and therefore precious.You don’t let just anybody fertilize your egg sack.To date, there is little evidence that pollen and seeds differ in their biochemical composition but few studies have addressed this point.A man in a non-Muslim country was suffering psychologically because he believed that he was a woman.

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