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Couples lie here and there on chaise longues or large blankets on the grass.A trio of topless young women, members of Snctm's erotic-theater troupe, known as Devotees, float languorously on giant blow-up swans, sipping drinks through bent straws. In a little while, the brunette will be tied up, the blond will employ a suede flogger and other toys, dispensing pain and pleasure.In a leafy enclave near Beverly Hills, behind an aging Tudor mansion, Snctm is hosting a pool party.

It’s a deliberate throwback to much earlier films than Spielberg’s.

Even the role of John Miller is based on real people.

One is the missionary John Magee, who rescued 200,000 Chinese and smuggled films of the massacres to the West, revealing the atrocities that had taken place.

However, his previous films have told similar stories of suffering and heroism with Chinese actors, and they never found a large international audience.

It makes good commercial and artistic sense to cast an excellent white actor as his protagonist.

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