How long have danielle bradbery and brent hernandez been dating

The two also pursue a romantic relationship after she splits from Avery but she calls it off after rejecting his marriage proposal.

When her best friend Zoey Dalton arrives in town and starts waitressing at the Bluebird she befriends Gunnar and the two start dating.

She quickly rose to become Edgehill Republic Records biggest star, a pop-country sensation, with legions of young teenage fans and sell out tours.

Despite Juliette's singing talent being questioned by several characters, including Rayna Jaymes, she shows not only raw talent but has also proven herself to be a capable songwriter and works with talented musicians such as Deacon Clayborne and Avery Barkley.

And while things didn’t exactly work out for the two stars in the romance department — Deacon’s inner turmoil runs deep — the pair has successfully carried on a loyal, professional partnership.

The series stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar, whose stardom begins fading, and Hayden Panettiere as rising younger star Juliette Barnes.

This is a list of current and former regular cast members, as well as recurring and guest-stars.

After Zoey breaks up with Gunnar since she thinks he still has feelings for Scarlett, the latter takes her place in the band she formed with Gunnar and Avery and their name is changed to the Triple X's.

Following the birth of his daughter, Avery departs the band and Gunnar and Scarlett continue on as a duo.

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