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One of my guys that use me as a ***-dump called and asked if I was free for an extended period of time.It just happened that I had nothing planned, so I told him so.We got there and saw all these guys and girls kissing, girls getting fingered through as they... Thought I was gay for some time because I found other men sexually attractive.A s part of our "adventures" we journal each of our encounters and put them up here and a few other selected places on the Internet. I told my wife a few of my tamer exploits and she worries that I miss that life too much. I've since found that I find women sexually attractive as well.

I knew all four girls very well and we all knew what we were doing. This labor day weekend, a friend from work invited me to their lake cabin. Well this story tells about how I got my mom to suck my **** and **** her itching *****.

I had a family friend who used to provide me with **** when I was just in my early teens.

It turned out that he also got me into screwing around with some friends of mine.

It gives us a charge to go back through and read them and especially to hear others comments about our experiences. Wouldnt do for me to have this happen now but had a couple of great parties that wound up being group sex fests. It wasn't long before I realized I had fallen victim to the deep seeded labels mindset that society imposes on us and realized I am not...

It was going to happen, I have been working towards it with my friend Juan.

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