How to stop others from intimidating you

I first tried it back in early 2008, and have literally saved 0 a month since!

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With the “no spend” challenge, you’re only allowed to pay for things that are necessities (rent, mortgage, utilities, etc), and your goal is to stay away from anything out side of that such as eating out or shopping, or even going to the movies.Andy Birch, Product and Fitness Director at health club group Virgin Active, which commissioned the research said: “One of the most important things when it comes to exercising is being motivated – if you aren’t, it can be easy to find any little excuse to talk yourself out of going.“We all know January can be the hardest time of year to get yourself motivated thanks to the Christmas hangover, the short, dark days and the cold weather.The equation factors in the number of gym buddies you have, how far in advance you prepare your fitness gear, the delay between finishing work and working out and even the temperature.Dr Andrea Baronchelli said: “Reviewing the data, it was clear that components such as the harsh weather, being more organised and working out with a friend all impacted the British public’s motivation levels.

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