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Usually I don’t have a chance to put on something red.KHJ : When I recorded this song, there occurred many disasters in Japan.They also clarified that there had been a verbal argument which had turned physical, but it was a single occurrence and not part of ongoing abuse. I hate it when I accidentally break someone’s ribs don’t you? Many people were quick to jump onto the bandwagon and throw Hyun Joong under the bus before anything had been decided and just as many fans decided to go the “Oppa wouldn’t do that” route, seemingly ignoring that the statement admitted he at least did something.The girlfriend (referred to as ‘A’ in the press) released medical records and pictures of her alleged injuries.We have another of those K-Pop stories that just keeps coming back in the news this week with the Kim Hyun Joong scandal back in the headlines.If you haven’t been following this one, it can be especially complicated due to the emotionally charged nature of people on each side of the debate…I′m really sorry for giving the person I believed and loved for two years a lot of mental and physical pain with this incident.I′m embarrassed at myself for doing something that a man should never do.

May was rounded off with there apparently not being adequate evidence of her original miscarriage and clarification from Hyun Joong’s agency that if the current pregnancy is his child, he will take responsibility but they had yet to receive any proof it was his and that they would pursue this in court.

KHJ : I wanted to show three concepts, i.e., tender , sexy, and charisuma. Actually, there were nine sets (9 pieces of clothes ).

It was a pity that I could not show you all of them.

According the Hyun Joong agency, but not declared at the time, the couple originally reconciled but agreed to go their separate ways at the end of 2014. If the pregnancy was confirmed, the agency says Hyun Joong will take responsibility, but as of February claimed she had refused to provide any confirmation.

Her legal team claimed they have proof and that this had been submitted to Hyun Joong.

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