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I believe I am the world's number one expert on this subject. The key ingredient in any penis pill is Tribulus Terrestris – and look at their ingredient list – it’s listed as (herb powder) in other words TOTALLY FUCKING WORTHLESS!

Below the picture of their this photo below I explain how these fuckers bang your credit card for 9.91 in the first 30 days. So you are paying .95 to get it shipped out to you, and if you don’t return it to them they will silently charge your credit card 9.97 – hoping that most guys don’t check their credit card statement every day and the 9.97 charge slides by. So you think you are getting to try a bottle of King Size – which is worthless powered crap and couldn't make the cock of a flea hard- and in reality they bang your credit card almost 0 bucks. If you try and return the stuff they have a 35% “Restocking fee”. So they charge you for something you didn’t want, even if you give it back to them unopened. Look a the address for the company – it’s a fucking P. So they have this phony video which claims you can grow your penis 4 inches in 4 weeks – that’s impossible – especially with their worthless product. So Check out The Xanogen “Risk Free” trial where you only pay for shipping and handling! But Lets look at the Xanogen "Terms & Conditions"See how fucking shady this is. If you open the product you won’t get a fucking penny back.

Well it’s a King Sized Scam from some King Sized Scum!

(See how I tell is like it is – no one will give you the straight scoop – fuck these guys they are crooks!

One company that is totally sleaze of auto shipment is Prolixus – good luck canceling with them – see their profile below.

Check out these photos of a counterfeiter getting caught.

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