Invalidating environment borderline personality

We are extremely careful to explore this diagnosis and others thoroughly with clients so that whatever is diagnosed fits with your experience of symptoms.

The bottom line is that we work with you to reduce the painful symptoms you are experiencing the diagnosis.

Individuals with BPD may present with a combination of difficulties that often include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, substance abuse, self-injury, and/or eating disorders.Hobson and colleagues (2009), researching the particular challenges of parents with BPD, find a dysfunctional display in the inter-relatedness of these patients with psychotherapists.The moment-to-moment interactions between patient and therapist may be compared to patients with dysthymia, due to intense and often heated exchanges coupled with idealizing and devaluing "flip-flopping" (Conroy et al., 2009).This biological component is thought to be about 68% of the cause of BPD.The environment you grow up in may also be a factor in developing BPD.

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