Is being intimidating a good thing

Let's face it, with countless interactions with countless people, we are bound to have interesting stories.

Intimidating women do not want to have their partner walking with them to stores at the mall or watching chick flicks. Instead, we are the other half who allows our partners or boyfriends to do whatever they want to do in their life.For me, I consider myself to be a quirky girl who likes to walk around and listen to music.Despite having my friends think it is odd for me to shop or go to the movies alone, I personally like it because these activities allow me to have deep conversations with myself as well as think about new ideas or plans to overcome challenges.Face it, we do this all the time in conversations; yet, an intimidating woman can be able to extend her attention span when she is in a conversation.Scientists and psychologists are still baffled about this finding to this day.

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