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When asked to state the situation most likely to make them lose their confidence, over 25 per cent said looking at their own reflection.

It comes as junior doctors start voting tomorrow on whether to walk out over plans to rip up their contracts and make them do more evening and weekend shifts. It warns that Mr Hunt's proposals will trigger a staffing crisis in A&E because of restrictions on lucrative overtime.

Responding to news of the offer, BMA junior doctors committee chairman Dr Johann Malawana admitted they have not yet had chance to pick through the new contract but criticised Mr Hunt's method of sending it out to doctors today.'In order to do this we have said, repeatedly, that the Government must remove the threat of imposition and provide the concrete assurances junior doctors have asked for on a contract that is safe and fair.

The most disputed clause in the new contract centres on a reduction in junior doctors' overtime payments.

Currently they receive higher hourly rates for any work carried out between 7pm and 7am on Mondays to Fridays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'We have been talking to the BMA politely for three years now about how we deal with this weekend effect where we have had six studies in the last five years that have shown that we have higher mortality rates at the weekend then we would expect.' He said: 'A strike is ultimately in no-one's interest, so I urge all junior doctors to please pay careful and considered attention to the new contractual offer set out today which if implemented correctly will address the long hours and related safety issues which have been such a cause for concern.'However, the only way to get this right is to talk, because getting the detail right will mean better options for those who deliver care and, consequently, safer care and better outcomes for our patients.

They said if implemented properly, a shorter working week, limits on the number of consecutive long shifts and regular work reviews, should lead to better working arrangements for doctors and therefore the patients they care for.'Junior doctors understandably feel strongly about their contract and it is in their interests to be part of the conversation on what their contract will look like in the future - we urge them to return to negotiations,' they said.

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