June green dating

The Dzamor had her rid Terror Castle of an ancient evil presence.Alan was attracted to the Enchantress and June did not reveal that they were the same person.June took a job teaching parapsychology at New Athens in Santa Augusta, where her coworker, Linda Danvers, was secretly Supergirl.

Anita was really the Enchantress portion of June's soul.When Dell invited her to a party at the haunted Terror Castle, she fell into a secret chamber where a strange being called Dzamor granted her magic powers.By speaking the word "Enchantress" she could change from blonde-haired, blue-eyed June Moone into the raven-haired, green-eyed Enchantress.Enchantress contained the nuclear explosion, then Bronze Tiger knocked her out when she tried to betray the team.June confides in La Grieve that containing the Enchantress took all of her energy, and the Enchantress told the team that she grew stronger every time they released her.

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