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Physical abuse can also include: Abusive head trauma, or shaken baby syndrome, is a specific form of physical abuse.It's the leading cause of death in child abuse cases in the U. Most incidents last just a few seconds, but that's enough time to cause brain damage or even kill a baby.So millions of hard working families – those people so loved by the Tories and Labour alike – have to make difficult choices about how many children they can afford to have.It's hard to imagine someone intentionally hurting a child.The use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs can hinder a caregiver's judgment and put a child in danger, leading to things like neglect or physical abuse.But in some states, substance abuse is also considered a form of child abuse on its own.Those who survive may suffer emotional scars that can last long after the physical bruises have healed.

And with thousands of pounds at stake - child tax credits are currently worth up to £2,780 a year for each child – these payments often make up a huge proportion of the household income for many poor families.

They're also more likely to have low self-esteem, depression, thoughts of suicide, and other mental health issues.

When people think of child abuse, their first thought probably is of physical abuse — such as striking, kicking, or shaking a child.

For the rest of the country, on average or middle incomes, the decision to have a child is not just about the urge to bring another life into the world, it’s a major financial decision as well.

It means time off work, lost income and a higher rent or mortgage costs for that extra bedroom - or, if you’re lucky, a home with a garden.

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