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Username: @ryanashleymalarkey Number of followers: 218K Known for: breathtakingly intricate designs with faux bead- and lacework.Malarkey also has quite the eye for makeup, so watch her Instagram for beauty inspiration as well as tattoo ideas!Learn about her ink collaboration with Urban Decay here.

In addition, the Hamburg Cruise Days were held from 8 to 10 September featuring an exciting special events programme.Username: @sashatattooing Number of followers: 460K Known for: blackwork and dotwork tattoos.Whether crafting mandalas, flowers, or geometric designs on clients' skin, the best way to describe the work of this model and owner of Russian tattoo studios is "clean." Username: @krystals_tatted Number of followers: 39.7K Known for: colourful pieces and sentimental tattoos.Williams can do everything from gothic queens to Pixar characters, all with perfect shading and jewel-toned ink.Username: @sweetleas Number of followers: 4.7K Known for: illustrative and botanical work.

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