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NOTE: The Church reprinted this same image in the Dec, 2012 , page 9: Book of Mormon Stories, 1997 Ed.Found on the online Video, Audio, and Images library is the following picture : JS Translating The following two images are from the official LDS website about Joseph Smith (there are a total of five pictures of Joseph Smith translating the plates on that page as of 2014): JS Translating JS Translating There is a video on this official LDS website about Joseph Smith that shows Joseph in the same act of translating as these pictures show.Instruction to members on the Book of Mormon translation starts young.Unfortunately, there are inaccuracies and incompleteness which set the stage for misunderstanding at a young age.Mormon Think's response to Book of Mormon translation essay Update: The October 2015 has an article called "Joseph the Seer" which mentions the stone-in-the-hat translation method but still does not show an accurate picture of the process and instead shows the images commonly shown in the past.On 6 August 2015 the Church also issued a news release showing a photo of the stone.The Church did not transparently and consistently teach how the translation actually occurred.

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They all tell essentially the same story: Joseph put a stone (often called a seer stone or peep stone) in a hat, then burying his face in the darkened hat words appeared on the stone which he dictated to the scribe.The Church videos and other instructional material the Church currently uses still show Joseph translating the plates without using the stone or hat which we hope to see change as new materials are published.LDS critics maintain that the Church has credibility issues since they taught for 180 years that Joseph translated the BOM using the Nephite Interpreters known as the Urim and Thummim buried with the gold plates in the stone box although they knew that's not the way it happened.The impression given is that the dictation process involved Joseph's direct visual contact with the plates.In some depictions there was a blanket between Joseph and the scribe.

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