Letter dating 1700

To convict of capital murder, the jury must have found that she didn't just lure the victim to be robbed (a very serious crime), but that she wanted him to be killed.

I promise you the typical person who is convicted of drug possession in a tough, law-and-order jurisdiction like Platte County does not go to prison for a day, much less the 5.7 years as cited in the article.In 20 the district had about million in savings.At that time I asked why some of this money was not being used to alleviate the overcrowding at Barry and Pathfinder and was told by Superintendent Dr.You do not have to have a student in the district to be on the school board, just a willingness to give up a night or two a month in meetings and hopefully the will to not just rubber stamp items you do not understand.You can sign up at the R-3 district office until Jan 16.

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