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The relaxed atmosphere can play to your advantage; it’s easier to start a conversation with someone who’s just hanging out than someone who’s clearly on their way to something.Books and sketch pads provide an instant opening for conversation, and a pleasant conversation could be precisely the sort of distraction that the women there would welcome.Nobody’s going to believe you, and frankly, if you were there to work on your great masterpiece, you wouldn’t be talking to people.The mall can provide a surprising variety of opportunities to meet women.Malls also offer the opportunity for instant mini-dates.

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One of the ways to do is to expose yourself to new concepts. Hell, some higher end grocery stores teach classes in culinary knife skills, making sushi rolls and cooking Southwestern cuisine. Good for your career, not as much for meeting women, unfortunately. Being the new guy in class gives you an instant topic of conversation and commonalities, easing the introductions.Another easy opening into talking to a woman: ask her to guard your laptop while you go for a refill.When you come back, you say thanks and introduce yourself. Do yourself a favor though: Don’t make a classic mistake of trying to impress women by pretending to be working on your novel or your screenplay, or by faking a conversation with your “agent”.Hopefully, all this will give you something to think about.Now get out, enjoy your weekend and meet some new people.

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