Love and dating ecards

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Browse all 1327 cards » Love has the power to drive you crazy, to sweep you off your feet.

The history of humankind has been steeped in tragic, heart wrenching, gallant, inspiring, nauseous, tear jerking tales of courtship. " Someone who will tap your foot under the dinner table to let you know that the subject you brought up isn't appropriate, a person that when you think of them puts you in a beguiling trace that leads you head on right into a lamp post, later to have have your wounds lovingly dressed by them. What occasion calls for a dating ecard, you might ask?She loved it because it turns out she is a Rubber Chicken Card user herself. If you didn't know, you have helped me to change my life. And us folks here at Rubber Chicken Cards love to heighten the elation of potential love, or ease the loss of "it didn't work out" with the gift of humor. No matter what the occasion, lighten the mood and lessen the stress with a hilarious dating Ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards.The great thing about this group of cards, or so the idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards think, is that love for most of us is not this heavy, serious thing with the sun breaking though a cloud laden sky. We think that love is the answer, laughter is the cure, joy is the remedy - and then there's the United States Congress. Not to bum you out, there is a good ending to this.Love might be sharing something fun, might be a good belly laugh or a sweet conversation in the middle of the night, or a love ecard from a Grandmother to her grandchild. I met someone at the local coffee shop where we both drink coffee and sit outside.

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