Mapsource when updating invalid command line

Version 3.38 includes the option to copy flight statistics to the clipboard.

Version 3.37 includes statistics for a selected flight.

When 4.35 reads these files the signature will be wrong.

To validate the other data just remove the barometric height block and reload the file.

One of the items is the maximum distance between any two points in the track. These are inputs to the international flightlog when logging a free distance flight.

mapsource when updating invalid command line-40

NOTE: For many input formats -- including GPX, Ozi Explorer, LOC, Garmin Forerunner, Cetus GPS, IGC, and more (including some that GPSBabel can't read, like Net Stumbler binary files) -- you can also convert your GPS files to plain text, GPX, or Google Earth KML with conversion tool.

I even tried to contact Garmin who indicated that they have no intention of marketing one.

After digging around I found the GPSmapper utility and the following are instructions on how to generate your own map.

Download track logs from many Garmin models, MLR, Co Mo, Log_It/Muzzy Logge R/GPS Tracklogger, Top Navigator / XC Trainer, Brauniger/Flytec models, Digifly Graviter, Digifly Leonardo, CPilot, Flymaster F1, DSX series, MTK/Pentagram, Ascent and Syride SYS'Nav.

Magellan models are also supported (Spor Track), but I have not received much feedback on which models that works.

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