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We’ve all said it, that there’s nothing to do for black folks, certain black folks of a younger and more prosperous persuasion, in our North Carolina cities.Lately, those fears were stroked by this article, by Jarvis Holliday, in this past week’s cover story of Creative Loafing Charlotte.

For that particular evening, night or the occasional day party, the African-American promoter has rented the facility and nearly all of the patrons who come out are black.So within the social scene, you’ll find that they dress well, prefer upscale venues and have a taste for the finer things.But the black professional social scene in Charlotte is often a source of angst for many within it, who lament the dearth of good or welcoming places to go to, or that the so-called hot spots never last.Granted, all three major NC downtowns are getting better and a few of the smaller ones have nice bookstores.Yet, what makes DC, Chicago and New York different is that it’s not rare or unexpected.

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