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Org was founded January 1, 1997 (even though the #SLAA Online Group was founded earlier on January 30, 1996 using other unnamed servers.) Just like most local SLAA meetings are conducted in churches or hospitals, Star Link-IRC.

Org provides us a meeting room and various services (like giving the operators special “hats” to “wear”) at no charge.

Then there were the narcissists (xx Cute Gur L16xx), the misunderstood goths (^Bla Ck Moon SHadow^), the fanatics (KING^Gi Gi Buffon), the rockers (^SLAYER^) and of course, the alcoholics (Sprit Zer Ta'Jonny He Xa).

An m IRC channel is a 'room' where group conversations occur.

It's primary flaw is that you are required to look at the programmer's hideous face everytime you start the program.

They host many rooms (or channels) for many members (in recovery or to have clean “family” fun).

Over the years, many of the trusted servants in our #SLAA Online Group room have come to know many of the Star Link-IRC. They indirectly support our recovery; they are aware of our rooms and our purpose.

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