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Watch below: [email protected] Border got on a Greyhound bus yesterday at pm in Fort Lauderdale and asked every passenger for their papers and to prove citizenship.

Proof of citizenship is NOT required to ride a bus!

Stay up to speed on digital trends.— Bring the laws into the 21st century: Finally, it’s time to change outdated laws on child pornography, which don’t take into account new technologies like smart phones and new teen behaviors like sexting, explained law professor White.“The key is education,” said attorney Roberts.

“The more kids know about this law in this area, the better.” I couldn’t agree more.

Immigration authorities' power within this zone, the Supreme Court said, includes the power to detain travelers long enough to elicit "response to a brief question or two and possibly the production of a document evidencing a right to be in the United States," even without any articulable suspicion.

In the Drexel study, nearly two-thirds of the respondents said they were unaware of these risks.— Start with non-smartphones: I’ve previously recommended that parents use basic phones (non-smart) as the starter phone for their tweens.

These phones allow calls and basic texts, but they have no data plans (meaning no Internet connection, no apps).

Look for clues like a second calculator on the phone, or any app with “vault” in its name.

And yes, I know there are app developers out there right now scrambling to create the next generation of secret-hiding apps.

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