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I want to find a Merchant that can interface with my e-commerce Shopify, through a payment gateway they accept like (Here is a list from Shopify of who they accept, and they may be open to working with others not on the list: 2.I’ve only reviewed a handful of them on my site, but they do exist (i.e.Durango (see our review) or Payline Data (see our review)), and they’ll definitely be able to help you out.I also plan on selling prints of my artwork – do you think I should put such products on my website before I apply to somewhere else, so I just don’t have services that they have a problem with?Hi Zanne, Durango is going to be your best option for high risk business.

Amad has worked in the e Commerce and online marketing world since 2002.

If the guidelines are strict, then you won’t get approved. 🙁High risk merchants have to make do with crappier terms and higher rates. When you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, you don’t have much room to negotiate.

If the guidelines are relaxed, then you’ll have yourself a merchant account. Furthermore, if the provider you apply to specializes in high risk merchant services, then you’ve already won the battle. BUT, keep in mind that there are some providers that don’t specialize in high risk, but still have relaxed guidelines (i.e. A word of caution…Don’t skimp on reviewing the details of your contract. There are a number of reasons why a provider would consider your business as high risk. As I mentioned above, some providers are more risk averse than others.

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