Nudist spped dating

So at that point I thought, OK I'll give it a shot, worse case scenario it ends up being like a bad Fast and Furious rip off. Was amazing, never a dull moment, didn't have any scene that was just utterly pointless (which almost every movie does), the acting was fantastic, the action was intense, and the soundtrack and effects were spot on!

As a movie it is great, but for someone like myself who grew up on NFS and loves car's it is EPIC.

Kim maintains her treat-'em-mean-keep-'em-keen campaign with Brett.

Kath is desperate to raise the money to hire a carriage for the wedding.

When all else fails she holds a lingerie party, with Kim and Sharon as models. Kim becomes obsessed with the internet, indulging in home shopping and chatroom dating. Kim organises Kath's hen's night after rejecting Sharon's idea – a marathon session of Rocky and Mighty Ducks videos.

Kath and Kim have a night to remember after their drinks are apparently "spiked".

The series had its roots after premiering as a skit on the short-lived comedy series, Big Girl's Blouse.

The big day is beset by hitches: Kath suffers a horse hair allergy and from slippery shoes, Kim forgets to clean the bin before filling it with punch, Kel indulges in too much Dutch courage, the horse used to pull the carriage goes on the rampage. Brett has changed the locks to keep Kim out of the marital unit.

Brett also tries nudism, but Kim was actually pregnant all along and was misreading the results of her pregnancy test.

New to Kath's home, Kel strives for domestic excellence – which extends to prissy nagging – leaving Kath feeling useless with nothing to do.

The series returned after joining the Seven Network in August 2007.

There have been 32 episodes so far, and one telemovie.

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