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Most of us have seen Sex in the City (the OG TV series because the movies don’t count), and if you haven’t, I can sum it up for you pretty quickly.Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion obsessed writer living in a rent controlled (yet, adorable) one bedroom apartment in NYC, who writes a column about her and her three best friends’ sex and dating lives.I was in a relationship with a kind, sweet, amazing guy throughout high school and most of college.Growing up I always believed in the fairy-tale, and even with everything I’ve seen and been through in this city, a big part of me still does.For those of you navigating the dating world in this city, or any city, God speed (at least we can laugh about it together).

From there, she naturally transitioned into her current position as a full-time Wingwoman.For a while, Erin put that talent on the back burner so that she could work for HIAS, a Jewish refugee agency.During her time there, she started hosting small dinner parties for her Jewish friends that she thought would work well together.Here are Erin’s three top tips for single guys in 2017: Too often, guys get worried about what their date wants to do, so they forget to take their own happiness into account.According to Erin, dating is a two-way street, so it’s important to make sure that both of you enjoy your time together.

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