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Have received reports Walker "may" be living in Melbourne (Jan-2009). Also has fantasies/ desires to eat young children's body parts, and had a list of many names, including primary school children and babies.

News (9-3-2011)- A PRISONER who spat on a "working correctional officer" had a long history of assaulting jail staff dating back nearly 20 years, a court heard.

Judge John Barnett said Wald, who had convictions for more than 100 offences including theft, armed robbery and assault, had failed to heed previous court warnings over his substance abuse.

The court was told Wald sneaked up behind his teenage victim in Frankston's business district, put a knife to his neck and demanded his mobile phone.

Wald, of Seaford, pleaded guilty to rape, armed robbery, false imprisonment and intentionally causing injury.

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Waghorn has not completed a High Intensity Sex Offenders Program because he claimed to have been victimised by staff and other prisoners.Instead he met police who had been monitoring Wadass activity online for a month.They recorded sexually explicit conversations Wadas was having online including one boast that he had performed various sex acts with a 10-year-old boy in a shower.The court heard his saliva landed on the officer's face.Barrister Simon Hamlin-Harris, for Wallace, said his client's behaviour had to be considered in the light of a psychiatric condition, which while not a mental illness, had an impact on the way Wallace behaved.

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