Obsessive dating behavior

But such treatment cannot eliminate the risk of suicide.Although there have been concerns that taking an antidepressant may increase the risk of suicide in some adolescents (see Antidepressant drugs and suicide), not treating the depression is probably just as dangerous or more so.

They may then be able to understand that the suicide was not their fault.They may wish to manipulate or punish other people (“They will be sorry after I am dead”).Having difficulty communicating with their parents may contribute the risk of suicide.Any type of suicide attempt must be taken seriously because one third of those who complete suicide have previously attempted it—sometimes an apparently trivial attempt, such as making a few shallow scratches to the wrist or swallowing a few pills.When parents or caregivers belittle or minimize an unsuccessful suicide attempt, children may see this response as a challenge, and the risk of subsequent suicide increases.

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