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Historic Stock Car Racing Series (HSSCRS) is an organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and continued competition of former NASCAR stock cars.

We believe these historic thoroughbreds belong on a race track and not in a museum.

DAUPHIN HOME® – the home collection: This concept raises the blend of excellent design developments and first-rate craftsmanship to a new level.

Clearly structured pieces of furniture are consolidated to create unobtrusive living environments: a distinct and distinguished interior in perfect harmony.

Your ability to introduce new information while weaving in and out of your personal stories with sincerity and wit was well worth our time.

With modul space tubular furniture and the human space Cube room-within-a-room solution, Bosse uses its competence, technology and innovative ideas to harmonise the demands of a changing working environment with people's needs.

This is true whether the rooms in question are offices, lounges, commercial, industrial or even public areas.

And in the private domain the new DAUPHIN HOME® home collection is setting new standards – distinct, distinguished and with a clear design. Ergonomically designed working environments, holistically organised offices and fascinating living environments are the result of our work.

I decided to become a community builder so that my daughter will not encounter the same challenges of marginality I faced as a child and still experience today.

Working for human service organizations like the St.

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