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For example, chimpanzees have been known to escape from pens closed with multiple latches, which was previously thought could only have been figured out by humans who understood causality.

Chimpanzees are also known to mourn the dead, and notice things that have only aesthetic value, like sunsets, both of which may be considered to be components of religion or spirituality.

His study indicates that only after the speciation event is the neocortex large enough to process complex social phenomena such as language and religion.

If religion had to await the evolution of modern, articulate language, then it too would have emerged shortly before 50,000 years ago." Another view distinguishes individual religious belief from collective religious belief.During human evolution, the hominid brain tripled in size, peaking 500,000 years ago.Much of the brain's expansion took place in the neocortex.Wolpert contends use of tools composed of more than one component, such as hand axes, represents an ability to understand cause and effect.However, recent studies of other primates indicate that causality may not be a uniquely human trait.

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