Pakistani men and dating

He comes from a family of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Hindus and they all get along.'This relationship by the boy's own evidence was a secret one and that was the concern and dismay for this defendant. But it wasn't a serious relationship - it wasn't Romeo and Juliet.In mitigation for Ghazanfar defence counsel Thomas Stanway said his client was appealing his guilty plea and added: 'He categorically denies any hostility to anyone of Bengali heritage.He accepts driving the boy to the address, but he thought that other family members wanted to speak with him.Both the boy and the girl were still at school and met at school and they were both young.He suffered bruising and lacerations to his ear face, lip, head and torso and at Royal Blackburn Hospital was found to have three large cuts to his head which were treated with staples.

The boy, from Blackburn, Lancashire, was later treated in hospital for injuries similar to those administered by a knuckleduster.

Nicholas Flanagan prosecuting said: 'At this point the boy didn't consider Ghanzafar to be aggressive and he seemed friendly so he got in the car.'During the journey Ghanzafar was ringing the other defendants asking them for weapons and making it plain that violence was to be perpetrated. Mirza Baig and Khizum Baig then arrived after.'Saqib walked to the car where the window was down and demanded the boy's phone and went through his messages and his calls. Saqib leant through the open window and punched the boy several times to the face. Saqib then dragged the boy out of the car and grabbed him by the neck and threw him on the floor.

Again shouts of "kill him, kick him in the head, finish him off" were heard.

He was concerned for the girl and that the family had not been introduced or told about this boy.' For college student Saqib Baig, Andrew Nuttall said: 'The racial aspect as far as this defendant and his family are concerned is ridiculous as his his own brother is married to a Bengali woman himself.

He lost his temper because he heard the victim had disrespected the girl in front of her family and he found it offensive.

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