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According to Zyskind, the combination not only prevents data from being tampered with, but also protects it from falling into the wrong hands.

“The main point to consider is that the two technologies are complementary — both are needed to protect against a wide spectrum of cybersecurity threats,” he says.

The paradigm be used in several settings involving parties that cannot directly share data with each other but have the need to perform joint operations over it.

Potential use cases involve simple tasks like bookkeeping, aggregations and generating simple statistics.

while being stored on disk) or in-transit (sending over the wire), but not in-use.

Similarly, we’re seeing more peer-to-peer systems where users themselves would like to maintain their privacy and anonymity.” Enigma enables different participants to jointly store data and run computations while maintaining complete privacy.Imagine a computing platform that would have no single point of failure and would be resilient to the cyberattacks that are making the headlines these days.This is the promise behind blockchain, the distributed ledger that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and challenges the traditional server/client paradigm.In 2009, Bitcoin became the first real application of blockchain, a secure decentralized monetary exchange platform that removed the need for central brokers.More recently, blockchain has proven its worth in other fields.

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